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Garage Door Maintenance

We do an expert work during garage door maintenance and provide our service in the Friendswood area in Texas. All professionals in our local team have long experience in residential doors and openers, and follow specific checkpoints in order to tune up each system effectively. During their routine inspection, they note down the weak parts of the door in order to fix their problems. The ultimate goal of our routine service is to make the door more durable and long-lasting and this is accomplished by thorough examination and repairs. As an experienced company in residential doors, Garage Door Repair Friendswood TX can maintain any door brand, size and type with equal professionalism.

Garage Door Maintenance Friendswood

Count on the results of our garage door maintenance

The benefits of our garage door maintenance Friendswood service are numerous. The main purpose of annual and routine inspection and service is to ensure that the whole system works properly and safely. In a different case, problems start making your life difficult. With the parts well-lubricated, adjusted, tightened and aligned, their movement will be smoother. The long-lasting effects of our maintenance service are obvious. The door behaves better, shuts and opens to the right position, and is not a threat to your family.

These are the main steps of our garage door maintenance service.

* Inspection – this is the very first step which indicates the weak points of the door and helps us understand which parts need repairs

* Garage door adjustment – for optimum performance, the door must be well-balanced. So we check and test it, and use our tools to adjust the springs

* Repair work – we fix misaligned tracks, cables, panels and any other problematic part. In case there is need for repair work, we do garage door troubleshooting first to isolate the problematic components

* Lubrication – our technicians use the best quality lubricants in Texas to oil all steel parts

* Opener maintenance – the opener system is thoroughly checked and the sensors are tested, aligned and fixed. We also check and fix the motor, chain and remote clicker

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